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Misshapen ATV Tires Explained

Why Your New ATV Tires Might Look a Bit Odd—And Why That’s Perfectly Fine

When your new ATV tires arrive, you might notice that they look a little squished or deformed straight out of the shipping container. It’s a common sight, but we understand it might also be a little concerning. Rest assured, this is normal and not an indication of any defect or quality issue. Let me explain why this happens and why it’s actually a good thing.

Efficient Packing: For a lower carbon footprint

The primary reason ATV tires are packed this tightly is to save space. Tires are bulky items, and shipping space is expensive. By compressing the tires slightly, we can fit more into each container, reducing the number of trips needed to ship the same number of tires. This is not just a logistical convenience; it has a direct impact on cost and environmental efficiency.

The Magic of Rubber

ATV tires are made from durable rubber compounds designed to withstand rough terrains and variable pressures. This material is not only tough but also flexible. The temporary deformation you see is due to this flexibility. Just like a new pair of shoes, tires might need a little bit of time to 'break in.' Once you mount them and start using them, the tires will quickly return to their intended shape without any compromise to their performance or lifespan.

Cost Savings Passed on to You

The packing technique we use is one of many ways we strive to keep our prices competitive. By optimizing how we pack our tires, we can save significantly on shipping costs. These savings are then passed on to you, the consumer, helping to keep our prices as affordable as possible without compromising on quality.

Quality Assurance

We ensure that every tire meets stringent quality standards before it is shipped. The appearance of deformation does not mean a tire is defective; it is a considered part of our shipping process. We rigorously test our tires to ensure they meet performance expectations, regardless of how they look when they first come out of the box. 

What to Do When Your Tires Arrive

When your new ATV tires arrive, unwrap them and give them some time to regain their intended shape. Properly mounted, they'll measure their true size after approximately 72 hours. We always recommend that any tire mounting and installation be done by a professional.  

In Conclusion

The way we pack and ship ATV tires might cause them to look a bit different upon arrival, but this is both normal and intentional. It’s a part of our commitment to delivering high-quality, cost-effective products that meet your needs and expectations. Remember, it’s not about how the tire looks at arrival—it’s about how well it performs where it matters most: on the trails.

Thank you for choosing GBC for your ATV needs, and we look forward to delivering performance and value that exceed your expectations.


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